Project CroMe

Croatian Memories (CroMe)
In the CroMe project, between 400 and 500 citizens of Croatia from all social layers and regions are interviewed about their personal experiences during three timeframes: the second World War, the period of socialist Yugoslavia and the war of the 90s. The objective is to document personal experiences on war and detention that cannot be found in written sources and that provide important information for the process of dealing with the past. The interviews will be transcribed, elaborated, translated and indexed, and an appropriate subset of the material will be stored on an open internet platform with direct access possibilities, hosted by Documenta, in Zagreb. By default and based on so-called informed consent from the interviewees, the full version of the narratives (i.e. without any cutting of the material) will also be made available for the international scientific community in a password-protected environment. By presenting these narratives in an edited format in an online environment, CroMe aims to contribute to the process of dealing with the past. The project specifically addresses experiences of minorities in Croatia that are hitherto not well-represented in the public realm. The CroMe project runs from May 2010 till October 2013 and is funded as a Matra project by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The interview collection will be launched in the fall of 2013 through this website:

Cf. also the information pages and links to related projetcs at:


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