Recordings of Keynote Speeches

The concept of this conference was to present keynote lectures in duos: two lecturers presenting a project from different disciplinary perspectives. The three keynote speakers were invited to choose a partner with whom they have worked intensively on a particular project. We would like to share the insights presented with everyone who is interested in a multidisciplinary approach of oral history, therefore the recorded lectures have been made accessible, with the slides of the lectures integrated into the recordings. Below you can also find a link to the recordings of the invited lecture by Vesna Teršelič.

Keynote Speech 1

Dr. Steven High
Co-director Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling
Concordia University Montreal, Canada

Speech Steven High
The duo-speaker was Prof. Liz Miller, the creator of the Korsakow Cinema Database, which will go online later this summer. A few clips from this database can be seen through this link:

Keynote Speech 2

Prof. Douglas W. Oard
Professor of Information Studies
University of Maryland. U.S.A.

duo speaker:
Prof. Mark Kornbluh
Professor of History and Dean of the Department of History
University of Kentucky, U.S.A.

Keynote Speech 3

Prof. Nicolas Apostolopoulos
Director Competence Centre e-Learning / Multimedia
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Dr. Alexander von Plato
Director Centre for History and Biography
Fern University of Hagen, Germany

Invited Speech

Vesna Teršelič 
Director Documenta – Center for Dealing with the Past. Zagreb, Croatia
Biography: Vesna Teršelič is co-founder and director of Documenta – Center for Dealing with the Past. Member of Coordination Council of Coalition for Establishing Regional Commission for Truth-Seeking and Truth Telling about War Crimes in post-Yugoslav countries. Former Director of Center for Peace Studies, Zagreb and coordinator of Antiwar Campaign Croatia. Lecturer in peace and women’s studies. In activist work focused on linking of dealing with the past and peace building. She has wide practical experience as a trainer and facilitator in conflict situations, mostly in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo and Kyrgistan. Publications include handbooks on facilitation and mediation. Right Livelihood Award Laureate (1998) and Nobel Prize Nominee (1997).

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